Filgo is proud to present its range of high-quality lubricants.

Why use lubricants?

  • To protect your investments
  • To extend maintenance cycles
  • For fuel savings


We at Filgo are very conscious of our environmental footprint. Day after day, we implement tangible actions to limit our impact on the environment, particularly in terms of our range of lubricants!

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Available equipment

Filgo offers a range of complementary equipment ensuring that you have everything you require

  • Pump
  • Tote tank
  • Established tank

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Distributed brands

We are distributors of the best brands of lubricants on the market, such as FLG, FUCHS, IRVING, KLÜBER, SHELL, SUMMIT, and TOTAL, all recognized for their outstanding quality.

These top-quality lubricants are designed to provide optimum protection for your equipment, automobile, and machinery investments. Not only will you extend your maintenance intervals, but you’ll also save fuel.

You can rely on Filgo to provide you with top-quality lubricants, guaranteeing performance and durability!

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Shell LubeChat

Shell LubeChat is Shell’s lubrication expert, a virtual assistant. This service is available anywhere, anytime, to answer all of your questions! LubeChat can be used to search for technical and safety data sheets, product specifications, and sales outlets for all Shell products and services.

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Shell LubeMatch

This user-friendly tool is designed to help you match the correct lubricants to the needs of your vehicle or equipment.

Easy, fast, and efficient.

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Shell Product Catalogue

Designed to help you find and download essential product information quickly, easily, and efficiently, the Shell Product Catalogue gives you access to Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets on your preferred Shell products.

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Distributed brands



Shell Rotella products include oils, antifreeze, diesel engine coolants, and more! Visit the website to explore them

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From synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils to air and oil filters, Pennzoil products are designed to extend the life of your engine!

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Quaker State

Energize your engine with Quaker State! With our range of top-quality oils and lubricants, you are sure to find your best-suited product.

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FLG lubricants offer a complete range including transmission, engine, chain, hydraulic, trans-hydraulic and form oils for various industrial applications, ensuring the protection, durability and performance of your equipment.

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Fuchs focuses 100% on high-performance lubricants! Explore their products.

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Klüber supplies innovative specialty lubricants!

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Lubricants, degreasers, descaling agents, and equipment: discover Summit products.

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Total Énergies

Explore TotalEnergies lubricants and motor oils!

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Organic lubricants

In keeping with our commitment to the environment, Filgo also offers a range of organic lubricants!


  • Shell Naturelle


  • Oil analysis services by a professional laboratory and review of the results by an engineer.
  • Equipment certification service

Obtain your certificate without further delay by calling 1 800 565-6668 or by writing to

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