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Our Cardlock stations
(automated card-operated supply centres)

Take advantage of our Cardlock stations for 24/7 gasoline and diesel.

Advantages for you and your business:

  • Charge all of your transactions directly to your account
  • Manage and account for costs more easily by means of detailed and precise reports
  • Obtain vehicle and driver identification at each fill-up
  • Economize by obtaining competitive market prices

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Our auto propane network

Auto propane is an alternative energy source to traditional fuels such as diesel or gasoline, a choice that is:

  • Economical: 30% to 40% annual savings compared with gasoline engines
  • Eco-friendly: over 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Local: an extensive card supply network throughout Quebec

Find out more about auto propane, click here.

Advantages for you and your business:

  • A rapid return on your investment
  • Longer service life for vehicle parts and substantial maintenance savings
  • Clean combustion with no carbon deposits in the engine
  • Equal or comparable power to gasoline engines

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Enjoy greater autonomy on the road. Find the nearest auto propane station.

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