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In terms of equipment, trust the experienced Filgo team of advisors to recommend high-performance equipment for residential, commercial, or agricultural use.

Air conditioning

We offer all the leading brands of heat pumps and air conditioners available on the market. Our team will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable system for your needs.

Heat pump

Cool in summer and warm in winter, a heat pump can meet practically all your heating needs, apart from periods of extreme cold. If you decide to use this type of equipment, it should be combined with another type of heating system that will take over when the temperature drops below -12 degrees Celsius.

No matter what time of year it’s running, a heat pump qualifies for Hydro-Québec’s preferential DT dual-energy rate when combined with an oil furnace.

By installing a heat pump, you may also be eligible for the Chauffez vert and RénoVert programs.

Central air conditioner

Cool your home and enjoy optimum comfort in extreme heat with a central air conditioner. Easy to maintain, user-friendly, and economical, the system provides efficient air conditioning for all rooms within a residential or commercial building.

Central air-conditioning systems are suitable for oil-fired, dual-energy, and electric warm-air furnaces.

Wall-mounted air conditioner

Need to cool a specific room or portion of your building?

A wall-mounted air conditioner is an attractive option that is eco-friendly, economical, and provides a superior level of comfort to window-mounted air conditioners.

If you also have a hot-water heating system with radiators, we can install a heat pump or a wall-mounted (bi-bloc) air conditioner with an outdoor compressor and an indoor remote-controlled diffuser. The heat pump option will provide an auxiliary heating source when required.

All our air conditioners use environmentally friendly R-410 refrigerant, designed to protect the environment and comply with industry standards!

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Explore the various programs available to you:

Unsure which air conditioning system to install? Feel free to talk it over with one of our advisors.

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The key to comfort, energy efficiency, and cost savings resides in the right choice of equipment. The Filgo team understands all the intricacies involved in helping you achieve your goals.


Safe and reliable, propane delivers fast, constant heat. Propane heating equipment delivers superior energy performance, which means significant energy savings, whether you’re heating a residential home or a commercial or agricultural building.

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Dual Energy

A dual-energy heating system uses a mainly electrical energy source combined with fuel as a backup source. This residential heating solution lowers your environmental footprint by contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Various programs are available if you decide on a dual-energy heating system. Ask our team for details!

Electrical Conversion

Make the switch from one heating system to another a headache-free process by working with our professionals on your energy transition project.

Allow our experts to guide you and experience cost savings as well as increased performance and efficiency.

Heating Oil

If you operate a commercial building, an oil-fired heating system may be an appropriate solution since it can provide a fast, comfortable source of heat in the coldest weather.

Economical and environmentally friendly, this type of heating offers a number of advantages.

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Oil furnace regulations

As of December 31, 2023, repairing and installing oil-fired heating systems over 20 years old is forbidden, with a few exceptions.

Several grants are available to assist Quebec residents in saving money by participating in the Canada Greener Homes Initiative.

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